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Home Incarceration

With the economy at a trying level, and everyone experiencing budget cuts, we are all trying to find ways to reduce expenses.  The staff at ETAT Enterprises has found the perfect solution.


We are using a home incarceration program with some of the most updated technology.  We have spent many hours finding the best equipment to fit all your needs, for saving time, man hours and money; plus it will make your overloaded schedules easier.

ETAT Enterprises, LLC uses BluTag (U.S. Patent RE 39,909 and RE 38,838) that is the original one-piece GPS monitoring device that houses its receiver and transmitter in a single unit.

BluTag can monitor the movements of enrollees in active, passive and hybrid GPS modes without changing equipment. The difference between each mode is (a) how quickly the device transmits monitoring data to VeriTracks, our Internet-based monitoring application, and (b) how it transmits monitoring data to VeriTracks.

Features and Functionality of BluTag in All Monitoring Modes
Over the years, numerous enhancements to its functionality make BluTag a highly effective GPS monitoring device. There are many common features and functionalities of BluTag regardless of the monitoring mode used to supervise an enrollee.

Shielding GPS signal: BluTag is the only GPS monitoring device capable of detecting, recording and reporting the enrollee's deliberate shielding of the device's ability to receive GPS signals

Enhanced Location Technology: BluTag provides increased accuracy of an enrollee’s movements when in a location not conducive to receive GPS signals. BluTag uses data provided by the cellular phone towers to more accurately determine an enrollee’s location.

Battery: BluTag has the longest battery life of any available GPS monitoring device when receiving one set of GPS latitude and longitude coordinate points each minute. The battery operates BluTag for 60 hours on a single charge and recharging takes only one hour, which is a simple process and can take place in any location that has a standard 110-volt electrical outlet. The battery’s life span is approximately 24 months.

Specifications: Weight - approximately six ounces; Dimensions - 4.33” x 2.08” x 1.25”

Tampering: BluTag detects tampering to its strap and case.

Zones: BluTag can store up to 99 zones in its onboard memory, so it continuously compares enrollee movements to the location of zones to ensure continued compliance.


Victims of domestic violence use Stalker Alert to receive information about the proximity of the enrollee (defendant/offender) to themselves. Victims carry this small, lightweight device with them at all times to help them know when the enrollee is nearby.

Stalker Alerts uses GPS technology, mobile proximity zones and cellular phone networks to warn victims when the enrollee is nearby. A mobile proximity zone moves with the victim and its size is based on the protection order issued by the court. This same zone is assigned to the enrollee as an exclusion zone in VeriTracks. Exclusion zones are geographic areas the enrollee is prohibited from entering at all times.

If an enrollee violates the victim's mobile proximity zone, Stalker Alert performs two actions simultaneously: it begins emitting an audible tone alerting the victim of the enrollee's proximity and it sends a text message to the victim's cell phone warning of the zone violation.

The enrollee's supervising agent/officer inputs victim information into the enrollee's records in VeriTracks, including the Stalker Alert device's serial number and the victim's mobile proximity zone. Stalker Alert is always used in conjunction with a BluTag device and most often given to victims of domestic violence.

Advantages of our GPS Service:

  • Dependable, consistent, realtime tracking performance.
  • 24/7 monitoring.
  • The most dependable service from ETAT Enterprises to hook-up and monitor clients in Ohio.

At a fraction of the price of paying for housing, clothing, food, medical, and 24 hour surveillance; ETAT Enterprises, LLC monitors 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. This allows the offender to be on full house arrest, or on release to attend work and/or school.  We do all the work, freeing up more time for your busy schedule, only contacting you if your offender violates their restrictions.

For little or no cost to you ETAT Enterprises, LLC also offers the following services for you:

  • Transdermal Alcohol Detection
  • On site BAC Breath testing
  • On site Drug Screening
  • Home Check / Home Visit
  • Employment Verification

Please contact Karen Burns, Court Services Manager, for any additional information, or questions.

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